Saturday, 29 April 2017

The claim that people who have a "near death experience" are not dead.

People keep saying that NDE's cannot tell us anything about an afterlife since they didn't really die. Invariably, if you ask them how they know these people didn't die, they say it's true by definition! They returned to life, and anyone who returns to life, by definition, never died. 

But if they're saying this is true by definition then their assertion is vacuous.  The issue here is whether what they experienced was a glimpse of some afterlife dimension.  So the relevant question here is whether their brain produced these experiences i.e whether they were an hallucination.  So what we're interested in is whether there was any brain activity that could have possibly produced the experience.  If there were no brain activity, or insufficient brain activity, then it matters not one whit whether one labels this as still being "alive" or dead.  The relevant point is that the brain could not have produced the experience.

Moreover, it's not entirely clear to me why a person couldn't experience the afterlife realm whilst still alive in any case. And I mean alive in the proper sense as in some detectable brain activity. Presumably it must be the brain that prevents perception of an afterlife realm. But it could be some particular region of the brain that does this. If this region is compromised in its functionality, or is simply not as active as it normally is, then perhaps one could still be alive and yet have some perception of these other reality or realities.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

If I am Reincarnated.

The evidence from young children who seem to remember a previous life and even the period between lives suggests that at least some people appear to have some degree of control as to where, and to which parents, they will be born to in the next life.

I think I'll decide to be born to parents who are both rich and loving. I think I'd probably prefer to be born male, in the west, in idyllic countryside.  And would be great to be good looking, and intelligent, and enigmatic, and mysterious, outgoing, and strangely alluring.